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What Happens When a Rental Is Abandoned?

With a little common sense and respecting the state laws, it’s not hard to treat neglected property left by a tenant while escaping legal trouble issues. Although laws vary depending on the state, a landlord is typically unable to easily take or hold personal property left behind by a previous occupant or throw it away. If not adequately managed, the abandoned property will lead to significant legal trouble. What also makes it impossible for abandoned personal property to be disposed of is that the rules regulating personal property left in rented homes may vary in the state or even counties. There may be states that permit personal property to be protected in a storage unit or request that the items be kept on-site, with different rules for each property. A property owner should be careful not to allow the personal property of a previous resident to be stolen following their departure. The outcome could be civil and criminal lawsuits, causing numerous unnecessary legal questions. Documenting the since abandoned property is another major activity. This can be achieved in a variety of ways, such as by listing or photographing the items. It is a smart idea to ask an impartial party to serve as an observer as you do so until you decide that you are legally qualified to move the items that were left behind. It will eliminate any concerns about fraud or improper management of the tenant’s belongings, and include evidence that the property is being managed securely and professionally. In most scenarios, it would not be legal to keep items until the terms of the lease are fulfilled, make sure you thoroughly grasp the tenant's rights to recover their property in your area.

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