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Modern Apartment Technology Enhances the Tenant Experience

The emergence of cutting-edge apartment tech is reinventing property marketing and management, spurred by a growing demand for smart home technology. When the need for IoT in homes soars, and as infrastructure becomes more available, landlords are wise to seize upon ever-growing rental property technology. Let’s use video monitoring, for instance. Modern tenants place a strong value on privacy while having peace of mind their children, pets, or valuables are secure. There is strong demand for apartments that allow for video surveillance where tenants can remotely monitor anything that happens. Tenants living with elderly families want to ensure loved ones have meals or take their medicine regularly. Similar to smart home monitors, wireless appliances in smart homes can be connected to mobile applications. For example, consider smart kitchen appliances. One of the fascinating aspects of these modern appliances is that leading assistants like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa can interact with these appliances and potentially control them. Smart lighting is energy-friendly and aims to save on electricity costs for tenants. It is also good for protection since it is easy to monitor them on a mobile device via the use of an app. Most notably, relative to conventional incandescent lamps, smart lights are much friendlier to the environment.

This update is by Livo, a rental optimization platform aimed at providing you with a robust revenue enhancement tool. With Livo, you can maximize rental yields, accept and manage multiple offers and offers, and enjoy better retention. Livo targets rentals with the greatest odds of receiving a multitude of offers, and those with the best locations, features, configurations, and more. Please call 833.333.5486 today to learn more.

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