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Maximize Your Rental Showing Success

One of the principal functions of a property manager or landlord is to show the vacant residential property to potential tenants. While the focus is always put on appealing to the correct rental pool, as well as the relevance of proper tenant screening, the showing is just as essential.

The basics such as ensuring a clean and eye-catching property remain fundamental but you want to take other steps into account. For example, screening and pre-qualifying tenants can be a massive time and money saver as you’re dealing with prospective tenants that won’t turn out to be a “no go”, so to speak, once it’s time to fill out the necessary paperwork.

First impressions are essential and even seemingly trivial things can turn into major factors in a prospective tenant’s decision to live there. Calling and confirming a scheduled showing in advance, smiling, your attire, having applications ready, being able to answer questions about the property such as square footage, even the temperature and lighting may play a role. The common saying that you can never be too prepared applies quite appropriately with showings.

Avoid steering as you lead tenants through the property. Steering is where you guide the tenant only to specific spots in the property. Don’t do this unless you’re told it’s okay. There are two explanations for this: when everything is shown, it's more helpful to the tenant and reduces the chances of liability claims arising. It may be considered discriminatory not to showcase all parts of the unit to a prospective occupant.

This update is by Livo, a rental optimization platform aimed at providing you with a robust revenue enhancement tool. With Livo, you can maximize rental yields, accept and manage multiple offers and offers, and enjoy better retention. Livo targets rentals with the greatest odds of receiving a multitude of offers, and those with the best locations, features, configurations, and more. Please call 833.333.5486 today to learn more.

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