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Grab Rental Listing Attention With the Right Words

Previously, we talked about how important a well-written rental listing is in promoting your property and attracting the attention of tenants. That means using the right words and going beyond the use of common adjectives like “clean”, “nice”, or “spacious”. These are words commonly found ads seen on sites like Craigslist. While they have their place, let’s explore some additional adjectives you may wish to use.

Does the property have an old-fashioned design? Some people appreciate the classic look. If so, you may wish to throw in words like “original” or “vintage”. On the other hand, if the rental property is something that was recently built, words like “modern” or “trendy” are a great way to highlight some of the features today’s tenants are looking for.

What type of vibe does the home or apartment evoke? Your listing may want to include adjectives such as “casual” or "relaxed" so that prospective tenants can get somewhat of an idea of what mood they can expect should they move in.

Don’t forget that a lot of tenants—especially millennials—are increasingly conscious of their carbon footprint. Highlighting any “green” or “energy-efficient” features is always a plus.

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