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Dealing With Bogus Landlord References

One of the trickiest aspects of the rental process is finding the right tenant. As a property owner, you most likely have screening measures in place to ensure the tenant is someone trustworthy. Besides credit and background checks, references from a former landlord can also help. However, there are scenarios where tenants will try to use friends or paid services to fabricate references due to reasons such as unpaid rent or having damaged the place. In that case, you need to do your homework to spot fakes.

If and when you call the former landlord’s number, consider posing as a prospective tenant. If the person is a fake, chances are they will be unprepared to answer questions. You can also try asking tougher questions such as property specific details like the number of units. If they continue to play it off, you may wish to request a showing and see how they respond to that.

Speaking of answers, pay close attention to them. If they’re giving vague responses to specific details such as their payment history, this may be a red flag. Don’t forget that you can also use the power of social media to determine whether the “landlord” is legit.

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