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A Great Rental First Impression

“First impressions are everything” is an adage that applies extremely well to rental properties. Just like a person buying a home, a prospective tenant needs to feel as if the unit is indeed their home. As soon as they set their eyes on the building, they are already making decisions. Is the rent fairly priced? What memories will my family and I create? Is the environment safe?

If you're in a competitive area or require additional cash flow from a specific rental, investing in a few things may be worthwhile until it’s time to showcase the rental. These investments may allow you to justify higher rent, extended lease terms, and greater tenant satisfaction, potentially resulting in outstanding returns.

If you need some suggestions on where to start, you may, for example, consider giving the rental a power wash or adding some color to areas that look otherwise drab. When is the last time you updated the lighting? If you’re still using yellow bulbs, consider swapping them out for the more efficient LED. Even a simple cosmetic repair or upgrade could be the deciding factor that sways a tenant to sign the lease agreement.

This update is by Livo, a rental optimization platform aimed at providing you with a robust revenue enhancement tool. With Livo, you can maximize rental yields, accept and manage multiple offers and offers, and enjoy better retention. Livo targets rentals with the greatest odds of receiving a multitude of offers, and those with the best locations, features, configurations, and more. Please call 833.333.5486 today to learn more.

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