A web-based application to manage the rental process and increase rental yields. 


Higher yields. Better Terms

LivoSecure™ is the flexible upgrade to the long-standing first-come-first-serve practice.


The LivoSecure™ platform maximizes rental yields by leveraging technology to allow renters to make offers in real-time based on rental amount, move-in date, and term of the lease.


LivoSecure™ targets rentals that are expected to receive more than one offer, and for other premium rentals - such as those with the best views, features, layouts, and locations.


Due to its flexibility of use, LivoSecure™ is a particularly valuable tool in down markets as well, by allowing the market to dictate the price resulting in a quicker placement.



​Property managers and landlords are leaving money and better terms on the table - Livo's innovative technology allows for greater rental yields, terms, leads, and retention.

​Are some of your rentals vacant too long? The market is never wrong. Livo's real-time pricing tool helps fill hard-to-rent units and works even in a down market.

Are you receiving more than one application per rental and losing leads in the process? Livo's innovative platform organizes and optimizes the rental process like never before.

The inefficient Waitlist - Waitlists are so 1890’s. There's a better way to serve prospective renters. Livo monetizes the antiquated waitlist process by matching the most qualifies renters with the best terms possible.


Standard or Livo Rentals.  Standard rentals are rentals that will follow the standard “first-come, first-served” process. Livo-selected rentals are marketed and listed just like standard rentals, with the added flexibility to accept and manage several applications and offers.

Livo manages the entire process for you, making your clients very happy you're using the latest technology to maximize their assets. Go to to sign up for free.

Redirect leads - It would be hard to find richer leads than Livo Leads™. When a Livo transaction ends, you’ll place the winner in their new home and immediately place the non-winning prospects into other similar rentals from your portfolio.




Deliver a robust revenue enhancement tool.

Provide a true "real-time" pricing solution.

Maximize rental yields and terms in a new pragmatic way.

Monetize waitlists.

Deliver LivoLeads™. LivoLeads™ is a better way to access and leverage prospects. 

Provide a fresh set of KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and data points, allowing for new ways to understand and manage an underserved segment of a rental portfolio.

Fair Housing Friendly! Livo delivers a fair and transparent experience for prospective renters. With Livo you can always be sure that the process is fair and transparent. Livo has democratized renting.


LivoSecure™ is Free!

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